Camper Trailers

Go anywhere with an extra tough Australian Built Camper Trailer. Models available for that perfect weekend away or a long trip north to Cape York.

Our Camper Trailers boast a high quality finish, and let you spoil yourself with a queen size bed, options including a gourmet cooker, sink and water tank, and/or ample storage space for all the essentials.

They can be erected in minutes to reveal a living area large enough to accommodate a family of five, and a large awning for shade and relaxation.

JCT-X-R15 Walk-Up Camper Trailer - save on a used model in-store now.

JCT-X-R15 Walkup Camper Trailer

Are you ready for a radical change?

The revolutionary JCT-X-R15 is here and it’s a clarion call for explorers, adventurers and freedom seekers who want MORE than your average camping experience. The X-R15 gives you much more … more room and easier access, a more balanced and steady ride, and more to love. The remarkable X-R15 is a triumph in camper trailer design, comfort and quality – with the power to raise the excitement stakes in camping pleasure.

Once you’ve seen it you’ll be powerless to resist!

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Off Road Deluxe Camper Trailer - New and Used in store now.

FREE BONUS 2nd water tank, electric tap, extra 12v outlets & LED lighting inside & out at no cost to you.  

Total saving of $1,209 with the Deluxe Camper Trailer.

Off Road Deluxe Camper Trailer

Designed for the family that wants to get off the beaten track but still enjoy a little luxury, the Off-Road Deluxe Camper Trailer is fully decked out for comfort camping in style.

This top of the range model will follow anywhere you want to take your vehicle and is built to last for the ultimate camping experience.

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All Rounder - used model in store now.

Johnno's All Rounder - Off Road Camper Trailer

Born from a hire heritage , the All Rounder meets the needs of the Australian camper and has been designed to meet the road and the most challenging of bushtracks – if you can drive it, it will follow.

Built like it was it meant to be hired, this camper represents all the back to basics features you look for, without the price that goes with a Quality Australian product.

Excellent for those families who seek reliability and comfort, but are restricted by budget, allowing you the flexibility to add more rooms and storage when the time and budget allows.

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